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T-on Media’s extensive software and ahead-of-the-curve technology service lift your
media or contents business to new heights.

A company specialized
in media contents business.

T-on Media, using the professional solution and the easy tool, offers monitoring solution to manage copyright and real time billing system for broadcast. The tool we invented for managing media contents contributes to develop customer’s business development.

With the best IT expert.

T-on Media consists of experts in planning, marketing, design and development. Since the company’s establishment in March, 2011, we have focused on developing software and services related to media business, and have built a range of skills. Because our IT production processes utilize up-to-date technology and cutting edge innovations, we are able to offer high quality products.

A prominent player
in the contents industry.

T-on Media has adjusted to the new media industry with technical monitoring and CMS innovations, and is building its reputation across various platforms such as Youtube, IPTV and the mobile application area.

Cheerful and Passionate Challenge!

We enjoy creating and challenging. T-on Media has set its sights on developing into a contents business partner of the highest order.

T-on Media maintains successful partnerships with major national and multinational players
including, CJ E&M, SK Broadband and Google.

Our works in service and technology area have certified. We are always striving to reach new heights. With our experience and skills,
we are ready to help your business reach whole new levels.


Contents Copyright Protection (Daily)


Screenshot Monitoring (Daily)


Monitoring OSP Channel


Streaming Broadcasting Contents

That’s what T-ON has done.

2020 티온미디어

ㆍSep – Oz’s Taro Youtube channel open
ㆍJul – Contracted with “Hanaro Medical Altar Enviitz Healthcare” collaboration service, reading relay system
ㆍMar – produced the BI of the vanhal-shop and proceeded with the overall design of the vanhal-shop
ㆍJan – 100jeom2020, 100jeom+2020 Update – Meditation

2019 티온미디어

ㆍDec – Launching ‘요것봐라’ on Lotte Cultureworks YouTube
ㆍOct – Busabank – SUMPASS Development
ㆍJul – Acquired patent for LBS location-based inquiry system
ㆍJun – SKB Animation CP Material Management
ㆍMar – Contract with ‘Wachcha’ Play contents
ㆍJan – Establishment of ‘TCO’ Settlement System
ㆍJan – “100jeom 2019”, “100jeom+ 2019” Update

2018 티온미디어

ㆍDec – selected as a Cheil Partner in 2019
ㆍAug – TVing for PC room ‘All-round’ channel service
ㆍJul – Contracted with Naver (N store) for providing content
ㆍApr – Brand registration for the mobile service ‘Tarot of Oz’
ㆍApr – Providing ‘Wonder Play of We Make Price’& ‘Joy comics’ webtoon service
ㆍMar – Managing data extraction and analysis on Cheil in 2018
ㆍFeb – Renewing the monitoring contract with Next Entertainment World
ㆍJan – Launching MOVIDIG on YouTube

2017 티온미디어

ㆍDec – Certification TTA Lab consulting (Monitoring Solution)
ㆍNov – Obtained certificate of patent for the contents copyrights protection system.
ㆍOct – Oversea contents materials management for SK broadband.
ㆍOct – “The Will of God-– Tarot of choice appointed by God” Development
ㆍSep – Opening PC Café service of CJ E&M TVING
ㆍSep – web toon service at Korea Business News
ㆍAug – Operating CJ E&M Movie Youtube channel
ㆍJun – Providing SHOWBOX Star Watch service
ㆍMay – Opening a web toon service ‘JOY Toon’
ㆍMar – Providing Loen Entertainment Star Watch service
ㆍMar – opening Gum’s service
ㆍFeb – Upgrading SKE analysis system of Cheil Worldwide
ㆍJan – Providing a monitoring solution for Next Entertainment World
ㆍJan – operating Next Entertainment World YouTube

2016 티온미디어

ㆍNov – “100jeom”, “100jeom+” Development
ㆍOct – “Tarot of Oz”, “Tarot of Oz+” Development
ㆍSep – “filial piety Radio” Development
ㆍJul – “Star Watch” Development
ㆍJun – Cheil -Top Browser Development
ㆍMay – Cheil -SKE analysis system Development
ㆍMar – Signed MOU with China X-PLUS
ㆍFeb – NFC-based Entertainment Service Secret N Card Development

2015 티온미디어

ㆍDec – Hermie and Friend ENT – Telephone English services contract
ㆍDec – Secret n Card Open the Google Store(Beta Service)
ㆍNov – Analysis movies online illegal distribution services
ㆍNov – Cheil – Digital consumer panel data extraction
ㆍOct – Cheil – Dashboard analytics Advanced development
ㆍAug – “Indiein” Open Services
ㆍAug – Cheil – Data monitoring and extraction
ㆍJul – Authorization of Venture Business
ㆍJun – Korea Film Counsil – Protection the Video right system
ㆍMay – CJ E&M monitoring /CMS Contract extension
ㆍApr – NFC Easy Payment (Old version NFC PAY) The franchise development services contracts
ㆍApr – KBS Media – Webhard,P2P of the copyright for content distribution management KBS Media
ㆍApr – Cheil – Develop tools for management efficiency category.
ㆍApr – MO Marketing services (SORIBADA- BIG BANG, EXID)
ㆍMar – Cheil – 3rd Development to user pattern analysis
ㆍJan – Beeples Signed a joint service with HOMEY interactive (MO Service)

2014 티온미디어

ㆍDec – MO Service Vietnam’s signed contract with 야윈tv / Vietnam’s signing a contract with 송풍
ㆍNov – 2015년 Renew a saju café
ㆍSep – Korea Film Counsil – Protection the Video right system deployment and operation
ㆍAug – HOMEY interactive – Operating contract for services of the beeples (MO Service)
ㆍJul – Mobile advertising service call, Netty Open(Smart point)
ㆍJun – NFC PAY Developing solutions
ㆍMay – “Hello kids” open in Youtube Infant Channel
ㆍFeb – Development of mobile applications cousto
ㆍJan – Ekapepia – The development and application for Mobile Web

2013 티온미디어

ㆍ Nov – 2014 saju café open the Google Store
ㆍ Oct – Cheil – – 2rd Development to user pattern analysis
ㆍ Sep – Development and Management of KBS Media CMS(Content Management System)
ㆍ Aug – Ekapepia – Development of mobile service
ㆍ Jul – Development and Management of CJ E&M CMS(Content Management System
ㆍ Jun – Foreign Ministry – Deployment of web ‘quiz on korea’
ㆍ Apr – Deployment of web site ”KT web Standardization”
ㆍ Feb – Unikorea – Contract copyright agency
ㆍ Jan – Content monitoring of EBS

2012 티온미디어

ㆍ Dec – MarketLink, Design renew of GiftLink Homepage
ㆍ Nov – Development of Zenus Case Global Web Framework
ㆍ Oct – Content monitoring of SBS Content hub
ㆍ Oct – YouTube upload and management of hyundaimedia’s contents
ㆍ Sep – Develop the new function of KBS Media dok-do live Application
ㆍ Jul – Content monitoring of hyundaimedia
ㆍ Jun – Cheil – Developing solutions the research panel
ㆍ May – Advertising and marketing of Direct Media
ㆍ May – Content monitoring of JAYE entertainment
ㆍ Apr – API solutions developed a YouTube content. of KBS, google korea
ㆍ Apr – Development of CJ integrated system solution
ㆍ Mar – KBS Media – Developing automated systems and POP TV system
ㆍ Feb – Monitoring Management of KBS Media
ㆍ Jan – Development of an integrated solution of T-ONMEDIA

2011 티온미디어

ㆍDec – Selection of CJ monitoring solutions agency
ㆍNov – Change the corporate name from TV SOFT to T-ONMEDIA