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Our professionalisms of design, contents, IT development, planning, marketing are the DNA of T-ON.

Seungduk Kim, a leader of T-on Media, has great strategies to develop this IT company.
He respects and takes care of people more than work, and making atmosphere where people can feel free to suggest their ideas. He has a great sense of humor, and he understands and empathizes with workers’ needs.

Our internet lab staff, living in a world of 1s 0s, makes time management and logical thinking their priorities. They are able to breathe life into pictures and ideas through programming. They are well-versed in server and client management and are always on the move.

Workers in this department keep creative marketing at the forefront of their minds.
They prioritize optimization of IT devices, and user satisfaction.
Ahead of the curve marketing for games, education and daily life things is the name of the game in this department.
The day to day in this department is made up of document creation, market and service analysis and planning and organizing the projects.

In order to optimize UX and UI, the design department center their thinking around convenience.
Remaining conscious of new trends, the designers visualize what is needed and give it form. They believe the revolution starts in their minds, and are ready and willing to handle every challenge that crosses their path.
Design is everywhere.

As the Media contents industry has expanded rapidly, the video department has widened their scope. They currently handle all aspects of the video service, including; supply and demand, translation, conversion and delivery. The video management department carries out their range of responsibilities with the utmost technical skill and professionalism to ensure the highest quality IPTV products.

T-on Media’s Accounting Assistant
T-on’s accounting assistant handles everything from small details to big-picture projects, and lifts everyone’s spirits with her positive energy. She even has enough charisma to make the boss fall in line (sometimes).

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